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{Plan Be} On film.

It’s oh so quiet.  According to me and Bjork.
For this here wee blog has been neglected once more.  Sorryyy.  All for good reason, though.. working hard, visiting family, making our house look AMAZING {in our eyes anyway.. sod off anyone who doesn’t like our beautiful and perfect new dining table.. your no longer a pal of mine} and GETTING OUR WEDDING VIDEO.  So, aye, things have been all a go-go.  {!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!}
Last week, Mr D and I watched our film, for the very first time.  3 months from the day we got married.  I cried.  Cried like a really emotional thing.  Sugar8, you nailed it.  As well as Mr Miyagi nails things.  And we friggin’ love you.
This is our wedding.  On film.  Jings….

Oh to the my.  Our favourite day.  Made possible and amazing by not only us 😉 harhar, but by our utterly brilliant, lovely, fun, helpful, beautiful {yup, your all beautiful sods} family and friends.  Jeez, it’s emotional up in here.  I have love.  Love love.

If you liked what you saw, be sure to head on over here… to my new Kiwi buddys blog…

This here paper-y lace-y lady saw our wedding and liked it.  A lot.  {Shucks!!}  And so, she has shared the wedding-film pie on her very own pages AND shall be posting our entire wedding in pictures on Monday… whaaaaat.  Excited.  And more than a bit flattered, indeed.

Go say hello over there.. and look out for Part Evening.  It was a big perty.  And the photies are amazing!

I’m feeling lucky right now.



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