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{oor new place} Street food cartel

Hello and merry Tuesday to you.

As you all know, we love food.  All food.  Any food.  All the time.
One of Be’s Mr D’s first small extravagance with his first new city paycheck being a subscription to Jamie Olivers magazine.  The excitement in oor wee hoose that day, I tell you.  Seriously, we are that geeky.
Since moving to our new city, we’ve been feeling pretty lucky about the new goings-on in the food world here in Glasgow.  With amazing new restaurants, bars and street food concepts popping up all over the place, ready for us to visit and stuff oor merry wee newly married faces at.
Last month it was the Glasgow Street Feastival {blogged about here}, and this month I’m excited to read about the Street Food Cartel….
A collective of like-minded, creative, cooking teams, joined together in a tasty cartel, using innovative menus and pop-up events, to join in a very global street food revolution. Whoop!
From BBQ classics to Mexican spices to Thai street favourites to West Indian dishes.. these guys, collectively and individually, have it sussed.

The first event was held back in March, with tables made from pallets and cable drums, some funk and soul in the background, and Cartel members Scoop, and Smoak playing host… T’was a big, tasty success.

After holding a 2nd event back in May…

It is back.  Next month.
Get me there now.

Street Food Cartel Returns!

Returning to Glasgows SWG3 over one fine weekend in September…. This Street Food Cartel pop-up dining experience, is an event not to be missed.

Scoop {one of our uber talented Glasgow Wedding Collective buddies} will be there, serving up amazing street food dishes {mon’ the street food revolution!!} from ‘The Bullet’ – a sheeny shiney, aluminium, retro American, mobile kitchen {whaaaaat} – alongside Fire In Babylon; who combine tropical spices with Afro-Caribbean zest with their delicious menu. Curried goat? Oh yah.

With live DJs and craft beers on hand.. Whats not to love about this event?
At £5 a person {which includes a wee welcome drink.. high five!} get yourselves a ticket, book yerselves a table, and get down there.  Street food is the way forward.. and a pop-up dining experience is one for the having.
Mr D and I will be there {one night, if not all three, since we’re greedy geeks} reminiscing about our time in Berlin at Street Food Thursday in MarktHalle, a similar event that takes place o’er there.. BUT WEEKLY.  Much too amazing. Ah, the ‘moon.
We’ll be stuffing faces, and dancing {no doubt}, all whilst under the influence of craft beer, Mr D’s favourite.

Get involved!
We love our new city.



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