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The months of burgundy. And rum.

Under a blanket, emailing and ordering.  Misty headed and sleepy eyed.  I don’t blog as much as I should.  But then how much should I?  Who should what when. 
Do things that you enjoy, when you enjoy doing them.  When the heating is on, and the honey is in your tea.  The ruining of the things you enjoy by the forcing of them upon yourself.  I won’t. 
I’m under a blanket.  It’s cold in the air.

So it does. 
I blogged about it all, the fall, the colour, here, way back.

Burgundy.  Rum.  Navy and layers.  Warm hooses.  Talk of the festive.  Talk of new things.  Boots and books.  Autumn.  This year.
Fall is upon us.  I’m welcoming it.

Am I looking too far ahead, being too hasty, chasing the Summer away?  But Summer was grand.  The loveliest of all, for a very long while.  I hope, too, it’s a lovely Fall.

Hello new season.  Your a lovely thing.
When your under a blanket and honey is in your tea.



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