Ah, October.  This month then next month then BAM.  The festive is upon us.  I’m not going to lie though…. I ruddy love it.  As I said here.. it’s all the rum and layers.  Brrrrr it’s amazing.

I say this, and yet this here blog is empty and uninspired-looking.  I just haven’t had the time to be long-winded in type lately.  But, oh I tell you, I look forward to that changing….
Behind yon scenes, beyond yon lazy blogface, we are gearing up for the Belaunch 😉 gathering all oor loveliest of images from weddings this year, all the loveliest of words from oor loveliest of wedding-havers and sending them to oor loveliest of web ladies, who is making us the loveliest of websites.  It’s just all friggin’ lovely.

What else is FRIGGIN’ LOVELY, is our 2014 diary. Ahhhhh le swoon.  Le swoon into the arms of our amazing new bride-ys and grooms.  Y’all are da best!

It is the month of ideas and problem-solving and hunting and creating and feeling noggin-foo of all of the above.  I don’t often do it {lately anyway}, but when I stand still…..

Eliot Lee Hazel |

That is me… coming up with ideas.  And feeling all inspired…
{except it’s not, it’s just a really pretty picture I love of a lady, not me, found here}

Here’s to getting those things, those ideas, those plans, out of your head…  onto a nice new writing pad, and into real life. {in December}

Merry Oktoberfest month to you 😉

Claire Be


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