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What day is it?

Merry New Year to you.  Hope y’all had the best festive time of it.

Isn’t the very beginning of a year always a strange one?  Days of excitement for the times ahead, but tiredness that comes from 2 weeks of being lazy and getting fat…
Days full of all these plans and resolutions, filling the spangly new diaries with dates and to dos and lists and deadlines, praising yourself ahead of all the exercise, organisation and healthy eating you plan to do.
And yet…. who even knows what day it is?!
The festive limbo land, it gets me everytime.  The beginning of a brand spanking new year.
You should really get organised, get back to reality, restart your life.  But, it’s only the 3rd day… Is it too early?
Is it the weekend?
What actual day is it?
What, it’s Friday?  Not Monday.

Packing Up Christmas
I’m easing myself in to 2014 today…. I even got up early to do so.
Sweeping up some pine needles, tidying away the unwritten Christmas cards and throwing out the empty rum bottles {we christmas’d like old bearded sailors this year}, finding homes for the new things and dusting down the desk with holey old things, climbing the cupboards for a new decoration box, staving off the mulled wine cravings with cups of tea and left over matchmakers, replying to some of the emails, without turning off our holiday reply {let’s not get ahead of ourselves},  scheduling posts for the launch of our NEW WEBSITE 😉 , writing food shopping lists and eating the last of the festive cheese.
All the while staying in my {husbands} dressing gown.  Ahem.
Like I said…. Easing myself in.

Happy New Year to you all!!! May it Be Eventful!!!
And may you enjoy Do-stuff-but-stay-in-your-dressing-gown-Day.


{lovely image found here}


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