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100s of happy days.

One hundred.  In a row.  1 0 0 days of happy.
We’re on a little mission.  To take a little time.  To notice.  To stop and realise.  To take note.  To take a picture.  To enjoy the happy.

How easy it is to think your having a bad day.  To forget that you’re ok.  To miss the wee specs of time that could be all you need to remind you that life is good.  In the grand scheme of things.

We’ve all had times of stress and sorrow.  Sadness, illness & loss.  Fall outs and troubles.  Obstacles and pickles.  Everyone has a story.  Some are living that story right now.
But that’s what makes it all the more necessary to stop and enjoy the little things.
Those tiny moments, could be all you need to save your day.

When something, a wee thing, a moment, an object, a cup of coffee, a pair of shoes for your feet, a pea, a person, a cat on youtube, the rain……  whatever it is that floats your boat for a second in a day, should we not stop and enjoy it?  Even just for that short time?
A wise & beautiful lady once said to me…

Life is good.
And although sometimes its not…. Darn it, she was so right.
Let’s not forget.

And so, we’re doing this little challenge {with thousands of other happy-hunters on Instagram and Twitter} which simply involves taking a minute or 2, to stop and snap a picture of that happy thing.  Whatever it may be.  Once a day {or by all means more}. For one hundred days.  And sharing it.  WITH THE WORLD!!

Get involved.  Yah!!
Sign up HERE ..
and follow us both too…
HERE for Nikki, and HERE for me.

Let’s share the happy.

x Claire

{nice “Life is good” picture found here}


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