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A wedding {be} loves.

Hello all and y’all.

Welcome to this.  A wedding {be} love.
Not a {be}worked wedding.  Nor one of our own.  Nor one necessarily featuring suppliers we’ve known.
This is a wedding be loves.  From afore or from now.  Seen on here tinternet, be it through twitter or facebook.  Blogs or pinterest.
When we love something we want to share it… share the good stuff! {brought up well so we were}..
And so here’s this weeks…

It’s the wedding of that lovely lady from Bleubird blog….

bleubird wedding

Man oh man this wedding.  That lady.  That husband.  That friggin’ family.  Bunch of beauts so they are.
I’ve followed Bleubird blog for some time now, and knew I’d would love the style of wedding these two would have.  And I did.  We all did.  Everyone did.

Featured over on 100layercake, way back when Mr D and I were only at the very beginning of wedding plans.  2 whole years ago, and more, and it is still one of my favourite set of pictures to look back at for inspiration, and general picture-gawping.

For the brides own telling of the happenings surrounding that day… and all the amazing suppliers involved… go HERE & HERE.
If you’ve never seen this wedding, you’re in for a right treat.  And if you have?  Look at it again.  It’s really all kinds of perfect.
If we could find a venue like that in Scotland… we’d be there every weekend.

Be warned… you might cry watching the video.

Love x


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