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Pins {be} love.

Oh how we love to pin.  Pinterest is my hobby. That’s rather crap, I know.  But I loves a pin-party.
{the husband…..meh, not so much.  The incessant need to ‘pin’ images from one place on the internet to another, doesn’t reach no.1 in his priorities, as it does mine.. but no I CAN’T do that right now.. I NEED to pin this first}
But, um, it really is an amazing tool for creatives.  Inspiration, DIY projects, how to’s, general aww-ing and hankering.

Group boards!! They are my fave.  Shucks, I love them.  Pinpals.
Secret boards.  Mmmmm.  Mysterious and lurky.  Nice.  Although I’m always desperate to make them public.  And share how AMAZING they are.  Because obviously my pin boards are the best {to me}. Because they are mine, and full of all the things I want/love/fancy.  Everything that inspires me.  All the things that I think are beautiful, from design, to dishes, style, photographs, furniture, words, art, weddings. Waaaaaaah to have all my favourite internet finds in one place for me to look at time and time again.  In a way in which the people who made these/took these/found these things will always get the credit, rather than before when our computers were filled full to the hard drive brim with saved images that you had forgotten to name and link. Waaaaaaah PINTEREST IS MY FAVOURITE INVENTION!!!

And here are some of my recent pins.

designoutfitminicakes colours bedroom{calligraphic font, dreamy outfit, mini cakes, striped girls, bedroom}

This will be a regular blog feature.. this sharing of my favourite pins.  I do enjoy sharing.

Follow us on Pinterest here. Go an, go an, go an.



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