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Etsy bits {be} love.

Ah, Etsy.

How we love rummaging for treasures on Etsy.

This month, we’re inspired by everything pastel, inky and mineral.  The contrast of soft colours and sharp edges.  Rocks in pale pinks and jaggy drawings in ink.

All these beauties inspiring us today, are available to buy on Etsy…..

Lisa Congdon artBroochStone cuprock crystal necklacetable decortea towel

{Art by Lisa Congdon . Brooch by Sketch Ink . Stonewares by Vitrified Studio . Amethyst necklace by AlinaandT . Tabletop shapes by The Vintage Vogue Story . Tea towel by The Holy Bunch}

Look out for this inspiration taking shape, in the form of a collaborative table design by us, Be Eventful and our industry friends I Heart Flowers and Florence & Bette, at the upcoming Glasgow Wedding Collective Fair, this Sunday.



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