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A weekend of absolute DAYS!


And first up?  A CORKER!
Today the Be Team are off to Kinkell Byre, for the wday of the lovely Lucy & Dave!
With a full gang of Be wedding helpers in tow… Nikki and I are heading up to St Andrews, with merry faces and joyful feelings of pure dead brilliant excitement for our first wedding this year.

With a bunch of pure dead brilliant suppliers, and a, you guessed it, PURE DEAD BRILLIANT troop of troopers…  We are dressed up and ready to Be back in the wedding-day-action!

Here’s to Lucy and Dave!! Let’s have a great day 🙂

And then… tomorrow… it’s off to THE GLASGOW WEDDING COLLECTIVE FAIR!!!

The Glasgow Wedding Collective
As I said the other day… This is the bestest, coolest, funnest, FREEest Sunday Funday around …. with cocktails, dancing, flower crowns and SLOW-MOTION FILM BOOTHS {yeah, I just said that}

You’d be a fool to miss it.  A fool!  Grab your hubbas-to-be, mothers, maids, best people and come down to The Lighthouse.

We’ll be there {with really big flyers} alongside the best in the business…

Fun people, alcohol, cake and some dancing…. It’s the perfect way to spend a Sunday!

And we all know…

Sunday - Lisa Congdon
Ain’t that the truth.

That’s enough from us…  IT’S WEDDING TIME!

See you Sunday 😉
Claire and the gang.

P.s Did you see our new website?  did you see? Whoopa.  Your some gal, Deesign Geek.

{type art by Lisa Congdon. She’s fab}


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