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The too-many-eth Whisky Day.


The 11th of February is here again.
A date more important to us as Sisters, than either of our birthdays.  A day to feel lucky.  Lucky & grateful & loved & inspired.

It is Whisky Day.
The 6th annual Whisky Day.

Our Dad day.


6 years ago, our funny and wonderful father, died suddenly.  And life has never been the same.
No more long winded phone calls from the man.
No one to ask ALL the questions.
No one to ALWAYS sing the Beatles with.
No one to ever have such a comfy face.  {Apart from Noel Gallagher, who’s face is quite comfy also.  But not quite so much}

Our wee hearts are tired from missing Dad so.

But we know, in spite of this, that we were some of the lucky ones…..
Lucky to have had such an inspiring, unique human for a Dad.
Lucky to have been so close to him.
Lucky to have had him all those years that we did.
Lucky that we always had his support.
Lucky that he loved us so much.
Some people, we know, never have any of those things.  Some people are not so lucky.

And so, as sisters, we spend our weeks & months, quietly talking highly of our father, and laughing inappropriately, telling funny stories, and crying on trains.   With only each other.  And sometimes the husbands.

Then today, and every other February 11th, we happily tell everyone, that it is Whisky Day.  And we say, It’s for our Dad, go and have a whisky, tell someone you love that you do so, feel lucky and merry, and appreciate life.
We openly celebrate the legend of our Dad.  We frankly, honestly, mention our muddle of sadness and feelings of luck.  We let ourselves miss him out loud, and in public.
This tradition is so very important.   To stop and be aware, appreciate and feel lucky.
Make it a tradition of yours too.

Two years ago, we wrote our first Whisky Day tale on the blog.  Telling the story of our Dad, and why we feel lucky.
It is still to this day, our most read post.
And that makes us feel merry inside.

Happy Whisky Day everyone.
Away and feel lucky about someone in your life.

Claire and Nikki x


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