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Valentines all the time.

Tomorrow.  Valentines Day.  Ah shucks.

We are not fans, in this house.  Aye, sure, we get a wee card (if we both remember.  Or if it’s really rather funny) but then, we get a wee card whenever we see a good’un.   Throughout the year.  Whenever the card buying feeling grabs us.  Usually on every visit to Paperchase.  Hmhm.

I believe in Valentine-times.. whenever you bloody well feel like it.   I love Mr D.   Everyday would you believe.  And like to show it where I can.   I like even more when he’s doing the showing.  A surprise banana milkshake at midnight?  THAT is love.  To me.
Simple, swoon-worthy romance.
Who doesn’t want little acts of love every week or day even?

I don’t want a purpose-built valentines day teddy bear (although I do hope he gets a nice home)
Just like I don’t want to go to a purpose-built resort in Lanzarote, on holiday.
You should stumble up on the perfect.  Like you do in love.  And life too.  You can’t purposely find it, or make it from nothing.  You can’t love on purpose.
And you shouldn’t try.

Love (and holidays by the sound of things)  should be a little adventure.  Surprising and unpredictable.  Like life.  Not confined to set days or set gifts or set meals.  Finding wee bits of joy in different places each day.

love at the table
See the love, and give it oot, not just because it’s Valentines day… but because it’s another 24 hours of life that you love your person.  And they made you a cup of tea yesterday, or brought you The Stylist because you didn’t get a train today, or danced with you in the kitchen, or turned the heating on for you coming home.

Anything.  Everything.
It’s everywhere no?

I’m not talking grand gestures here.  To me, it’s the every day things.  The little things.  Some not even noticeable to others.  Such a simple thing is love.  Even with all the sometimes surrounding complications or drama, heartache or heartbreak.  The love itself is a simple thing.  You just love.  That is all.

F Scott Fitzgerald quote


Have a lovely Valentines day tomorrow, and all the days you love your person afterwards too.


{lovely picture of love at a table found here. handwritten F Scott Fitzgerald quote found here}



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