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Etsy Valentines {be} love.

And, aye.  Here it is.  The day of Valentine.

Hope your all having a swoony day, smoochers.
Dancing in the kitchen and such like.
As much as I boo-hiss the commercial side of this here February 14th.  I am a girl who very much loves to buy gifts.  And, ahem, I very much love getting gifts too.  C’mon…Let’s not fib.  Who doesn’t like a present?  But it’s not all heart-hugging teddy bears and red red roses out there at this time of year, you know.  Heeeellll no.  There are so many clever cloggers in the land, designing and making things that would be the perfect ‘your-my-person’ boon.

Here are the Etsy finds, that would make, even me and my husband, the non-valentines-day-havers, very merry on receipt…

Etsy Yoda cardEtsy Plate rae dunnEtsy decor winter cabinEtsy love wire sataras wireEtsy coffee set hitonari worksEtsy zine skylaar{card by SomebodyLovedShop . plate by raedunn . wall banner by WinterCabin . wire love by SatarasWireCrafts . coffee tray by HitonariWorks . storybook by skylaar}

Perfect person presents.
For any day, I say.



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