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Kith & co. In the 50s.

Let me tell you about a new business.
And a night, hosted by some fun, creative people, calling themselves..
Kith & Co.

As a way to launch this gangs new venture…  Kith and Co are throwing a party for friends, friends of friends, and even friends of friends friends.  A way to set the style and standard of events to come.

Taking a jaunt back to the 50s, with music from The New Piccadillys, and DJ Lightnings Girl, this is sure to be a night rife with dancing, good drinks, food & a lets-all-dance-and-get-to-know-each-other atmosphere.

Party Like It's 1954
At an intimate, dingy, abandoned nightclub in Glasgow.. These guys are planning on bringing a night of shoe-shuffly, mingly, midnight snacking, goodness for a lovely bunch of like minded peoples.

Check out the Kith and Co website (simple for now, but with promises of creative and inspiring blog posts, features and to-dos along with news of upcoming events and workshops) and be sure to look out for images and film from the first event this Friday.
See how it went down, and book yourself in for the next one!

We say, watch out for this team of fun and talented party-throwers… They are going to host all the nights you want to be at 😉



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