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Enjoying doing nothing. At all.

Ah, the art of doing nothing.
And an art it is.

It’s the sunniest Spring-iest day oot there and it’s making me contemplate doing nothing……

How often these days do you sit, no telly, no phone, no laptop?

I like to think I take the time. Idle time. Admittedly, I do more so in the Summer.
Strolls in the park.  Sits in the sun. Taking the longer route home.  Stopping for ice cream.  Lingering outside when nipping out for that cigarette.   Doing nothing is definitely easier in the warmer months.
But then, jings, what about grabbing a quilt, making a steaming hot coffee, and wrapping your self up on the sofa for a while with nothing but your thoughts, or a book or a magazine (not on the internet) in the Wintery months.  It’s an absolute pleasure, no?

What exactly did we all do before iPhones and Facebook, twitter and instagram, Pinterest and snapchat, blogs and Netflix?
Now there are unlimited things to read, notifications to click, emails to catch up on, tweets to tweet, blog posts to gander, pins to ogle, instagram pictures to browse.
Endless box sets ready for the watching, at any time of the day, any series, any episode.
Free wifi pretty much everywhere, and always always something to look at or ‘check’.

I saw this card the other day….

todays love
…. How perfect.   This card would make many a couple laugh at its almost absurd appropriateness.  My husband would definitely expel a ‘Hmphhhy’ laugh on receiving that.
Which, when I think about it, saddens me some.

(Not enough to stop me loving the sentiment of that card…I find it rather hilarious and well designed to boot… check out the rest of Emily McDowells designs.. beauts!)

What makes me feel that tad bit sad is that we live in a day where our phones are our first ‘go-to’ in the morning, and the last thing we check at night.  I’m sad that my Husband would find this card appropriate instead of plain funny and sweet?
I know for sure I am not the worst person for being stuck to their phone like glue… I can go hours without looking at the thing.  But I really have to schedule those hours.  And, I mean C’MON.  Scheduled down time from the phone?! What the feck is that all about.

But my emails, they go to the phone, and all our Facebook accounts, they live on the phone, and Instagram.. that’s another great way to network.. so really I should be ‘active’ on that too, and it’s on the phone.  Blah blah blah blah TWEET.
It’s never ending these days.

Doing nothing… or the ART of doing nothing… is something I hold in high regard.
And something I try to make time for most days.  Even for 30 minutes.
I stop emailing.  I put my phone down.  Close the laptop.  Make a coffee.  Go for a cigarette.  Sit on the sofa.  And that is all.  I sit.  I swill.  I smoke.
Sometimes I’ll leaf through a magazine I’ve treated myself to but not ‘had the time’ to read yet.
Sometimes I just lie and watch the light coming in the windows of the house I’ve nested in and made beautiful.  And appreciate it all.

When else would you daydream if not when doing nothing?
Daydreaming is an absolute life essential.
Thats when you have your ideas, when you conjure up plans, when you smile whilst remembering something.  These wonderful things happen when in the midst of doing nothing.
Not when your busy.  Not when your face is stuck in your phone.  Not when your ‘catching up’ on the goings on on ruddy Facebook.

I read a Kinfolk article once, which pleased me no end.
And inspired me to never feel guilty for being idle….

doing nothing

Beautifully written, perfectly inspiring.

Take the time to do nothing.  For your health, your creativity… for you.
Buy your person that lovely card.. and then make the effort to do just the opposite.

Go on…Just lie there.  DOING NOTHING.

I’m taking an hour right now……


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