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A picture {be} loves

Sunny days are upon us once more.

In the little moments of quiet on a working from home day …. I find myself getting distracted for some minutes (or, maybe some more..) looking at pictures I love.
Everyday I enjoy different kinds.  Yesterday, ogling all that was fashion and style and design.
Today it’s all light, streams of it, in houses, on faces,  and the quiet, peaceful feelings.

sunshine and light
When sun spills through the windows of my home, I find it and sit.  Right in its rays.  After long rainy winters, the warmth really motivates.  I feel productive, and calm.  Inspired to get things done, and quietly enjoy it.

Today, like most days, I listened to the radio whilst pouring through the inboxes and diary, drafting and sending.  Then, late morning, I turned it off… and left the house quiet, all day.  Rare.  For I love background sounds.  I love music.  But today it was unusually wonderful to have all this light and quiet in the house.  I padded around, me and our new puppy.  Writing and pottering, cleaning (for the puppy ‘goes’…ALOT), snacking on croissants and coffee, replying and planning, sourcing and researching.  Lunch break with the Husband home from work for an hour.  An hour of playing on Pinterest.  Note-writing and to do list making.
And now it is evening.

What a peaceful, lovely day.  With sun shining through our windows.

I feel like the girl in that picture I love.

{image found on pinterest here}


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