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Etsy bits for yer Mum.

I hear Mothers Day is upon us.
How fast does the year fly? How quickly these ‘days’ fall upon us.
Not that I need an excuse to peruse pretty things…..

And so, I set off on a wee Etsy adventure, glass of wine in hand (that’s when the best shopping is done, surely), with ol’ Bell as my inspiration… who has love for the colour green, stylish accessories, warm patterns and all that is botanical and beautiful.
(and mugs… Bell loves a good china mug)

I’m on the gift-hunt, a wine fuelled present pursuit, if you will …. to find the perfect Etsy bits, for yer Mum.

Scarf from CrosswoodStoreAmbre BotanicalsMug by Helen MinnsClutch by BlueNiniCushion by NirwaCoasters by Tilissimo

(scarf by CrossWoodStore  .  bath oil by Ambre Botanicals  .  deer mug by Helen Minns  .  clutch by BlueNini  .  cushion cover by Nirwa  .  coasters by Tilissimo)

There you have it…. this weeks Etsy finds.. inspired by our lovely Mum.

It never stops amazing me, how long I can spend online-window-shopping… pinning and favouriting, putting things in my ‘basket’ knowing I can’t actually make the purchase, but living in hope that it saves for the next time, when I have the pennies to burn……
I mean, it is Spring after all….. a new season means new things.  If I can’t justify treating myself.. I shall buy for others.  There’s always a ‘day’ coming up.
And there are so many amazingly, talented, creative people selling on Etsy (And so many crafty makers on your doorstop too, no doubt).  It would be rude not to support these wonderful designers and artists.  It would be rude, I say.

Happy Mothers Day when it comes!

I’m off to click ‘save for later’ for a couple of hours.

Merry weekend all!



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