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A wedding {be} loves

Filling my house with plants.  Greenery.  Getting outdoors with our new wee dug, Hank.  Walking in the park now the suns oot.  Picking out my favourite Etsy bits inspired by my botanical loving mum.
I’m really feeling the green, this month.

Plants.  In the home.  At a wedding.  On yer head.

And if this picture doesn’t bring you to a swoon with thoughts of getting married surrounded by all things green and beautiful… y’all be crazy.

wedding greens
Click on through to Ruffled blog to see the rest of the images from this wedding I love.  The couple, Genesis and Matt, took off on a holiday to a secluded cabin in Arizona, with their two big dogs, and got married.  As simple as that.

Elopements are, to me, the epitome of romance.
And the dogs were involved.
Oh my, it’s wonderful.



{did I mention THAT DRESS. ‘olymoly.}


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