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Pins {be} love

It’s been a long blog time. A long time since a blog. A bloglong.

But we got a Hank dog (see oor instagram for MANY a picture of this wee guy) and wedding season started with a zooooooom, so the time was skimpy for blogging.

I miss this wee place… This wee place full of all things inspiring and lovely and wedding and… PINTEREST.

Notice the capitals. I’m still a pinning fiend. And these here are the pins that were floating my houseboat, back in (hmhm) March.
(just a wee bitty late)


hanging postershome inspirationcolour inspiration 2.tumblr

I love looking back over the things i’ve pinned to find a connection, some way that they all seem to compliment each other.  Depending on mood, or happenings at that time.

It’s the colours here. From the airy and casual blues and calming, thoughtful greens, down to the balmy and flushed oranges and pinks.  That was March.
Each image creeping into the next.   They all go together.

Thats all I have to say for my welcome back.
Colour and design and pattern, are all wonderful things.

(more so than words at times. like now)

BE back soon with weddings and pictures be love. soooooon.


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