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after the bash. a holiday.

***I fell asleep before posting. You’ll understand what I mean***


I’m currently lying in bed.  It’s 7am, and I’m awake. In the head at least. Absolutely not am I able to get up and moving.  The early night I accidentally had, and so obviously needed, has just made me wake at 5am. for bejeezus sake. WHY.  Now in the midst of a mind wandering, pinterest browsing, inspiration hunting, wall staring kind of morning, in a body able to prop itself up on pillows, and no more, the keyboard bashing fingers are now the only movable thing in the room.  The dog is sprawled and snoring.  As is the husband.  Our crazy upstairs lady neighbour hasn’t started hoovering yet.  I know I’m up way too early.
And I know this all means that I will be napping by 10am.  If not before.  Welcome to my day off.

This past month (let it be known as JUNE THE CRAZY BASTARD) has been the most challenging yet, and so far this year has seen some of our absolute favourite weddings to date.  Bride-girls and Groom-gents, past and future, you are all wonderful.  But you spring/summer 2014 party havers.. YOU, have been business changing.  And a 9 week or so of absolute fun.  (Not sans stress, but what ever is)
Wedding season condensed.  A first for us.  None of your Jan-Dec, party spreads out. No non non.  April, May, June BAM.
Full term.  Wedding after wedding after amazing wedding after party.  Get the glitter oot, we’ve got one more to go.
(another cracker mays I add)

Holy moly then it’s the holiday.  And what’s the best way to start a holiday.  PARTY.  party party party.  Not the disco ball hall type.  The tequila on the sofa kind.  The best kind.  The celebrate-(and commemorate, obvs)-the-day-job-I finally-quit kind.  QUIT.  I QUIT a day job.  How very grown up.  And we shall drink all the tequila in it’s memory.

That will be me.

Then, with the hangover, I will pack up the husband, the dog, and the gin, and off we shall go, in a VW Camper, up the West Coast of Scotland, in the rain (this is assumption, but the Summer we’ve just had, all 2 weeks of it, will most likely, no doubt, be long gone by then.  We choose to live our lives by sod’s law, and respect it, so rain we shall plan for) and off on a junket we go, for 4 days of pure holiday.

Here’s to all of you. And July you attractive bastard x

{picture of lady dancing in glitter from HERE and found on THIS pinterest board}


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