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Etsy bits for the babies

My life is full of tiny humans just now – friends bambinos, friends almost-bambinos.
our pals, they all got baby fever at the same time last year it seems.  and our summer 2014 is saying hello to many a new crinkly face.  it’s lovely. baby baby babyyyyyyys – but none are mine. phew.  handsome hank the dog is enough for us for now. him and his humpy hormones.

but, um, give me your baby because i want to SQUEEZE IT ALLLLLL DAY.

no, i’m not broody. at all.

this post is about all the etsy bits for the bambinos – things to make parties for them. things to lie them on, things for them to look at, things for them to cuddle, things to keep them cosy. things for them to barf on.

babyparty wonderfulcollective babyposter alphonnsine

babyset foxandrebel kidsbunny annapavlovnababymobile babyjivescobabybib shopindigorocketbabyteething cwtchbugsbabyblank shopindigorocketbabydecor submicrocosm

party stuff from wonderful collective . rabbit print from alphonnsine . coral set from fox and rebel . rabbit from anna pavlovna .
star mobile from baby jives co . bib from shop indigo rocket . teething toy from cwtch bugs . blanket from shop indigo rocket .
geo shapes from submicrocosm

How happy I am to have all these babies in my life to buy cool pretty things for.  Without the responsibility just yet 😉




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