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Hank went West.

About time I shared some real life photos on here. For that’s, what, blogs are, foooooooororrrrorrrr…
A couple (maybe a few??!) months ago I spoke of our holiday after the bash – and finally I is gonna share it.  No reason in particular that now I decide to blog.. I say every week, THIS is the week that I begin my regular blog posts. bluhbluhbluh.  And I do have a good few real weddings to share with you from our busy Be Eventful Summer.  But, um, I’m just not getting round to it yet.  So, since the husband&hank are both so very handsome – and it’s a sunny day at the desk, I’m going to share our holiday pictures.

We went West. By camper van. With our friend John (also handsome & who wrote about our road trip here – page 50)  From Glasgow to Ullapool and back down another way.  Eating lobster and lazing on white beaches all the while.









Our 3 day road trip was just the first of what will now be a yearly tradition – a Scotland holiday.  That is now the plan.  At least once in each year, we shall go somewhere new – be it with pals, hank, both, or just husband&I, be it for one night, 3, or a week, walking or driving or sitting on a train – we shall see more of Scotland.  And eat all the food.  And sample all the beer.
This country is too bonnie to forever be flying away from.


(ps. Cinnamon (the lobster) was loved and treated with respect, from purchase to roll)


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