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Walk the city.

“We were together.  I forget the rest” – Walt Whitman.

It isn’t about perfectly styled decor, or the most beautiful bridal dress.  It isn’t about the food, or the music, or the perfect venue, who’s sitting where and what’s the weather like.
This is a little love tale.

A story, about a day.  About a girl & boy, who want to be married.  And it is as simple as that.
Maybe they can’t afford a wedding.  Maybe they don’t believe in it.  Maybe, they throw a huge party later.
For now, it’s just them.  Two people. In absolute love.  Eating, drinking, dancing..
& walking the city

caro weiss photography

2014-09-26_00572014-09-26_00012014-09-26_00022014-09-26_00042014-09-26_00052014-09-26_00062014-09-26_0007 2014-09-26_0008





2014-09-26_0009 2014-09-26_0010 2014-09-26_0011 2014-09-26_0013 2014-09-26_00142014-09-26_0015 2014-09-26_0016 2014-09-26_00192014-09-26_00182014-09-26_00222014-09-26_00212014-09-26_00202014-09-26_00232014-09-26_0026 2014-09-26_0027 2014-09-26_0030



2014-09-26_00642014-09-26_00252014-09-26_00312014-09-26_00332014-09-26_00532014-09-26_00482014-09-26_00362014-09-26_00372014-09-26_00382014-09-26_0039 2014-09-26_0040 2014-09-26_00412014-09-26_0042 2014-09-26_0043 2014-09-26_0044 2014-09-26_0045 2014-09-26_00462014-09-26_00562014-09-26_0034 2014-09-26_00352014-09-25_0002

2014-09-26_00652014-09-26_0054 2014-09-26_00552014-09-26_0050 2014-09-26_0051 2014-09-26_0052


Here’s to walking every city together.

Photography by Caro Weiss
Concept & Styling by Be Eventful
Florals by I Heart Flowers
Lace Tee by Rowanjoy
Culottes & Shoes by Topshop
Cardigan, Hat & Props – Stylists own
Jewellery by Katie Lees
Hair by Anne Marie McElroy
Make Up by Julie Diplacito
Stationery by EYI Love


Find the inspiration for this shoot here – a pinterest board started a looooong time ago.


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