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hello extra sunday time


It’s Sunday, and we gained a whole hour. I couldn’t have asked for better today. A few emails, one little site visit..  & the rest of the day is MINE. It’s super windy out, chilly, and we gots no where to be.  I’ve decided we’re going to do nothing but coorie in. Coorie & potter. 2 of my favourite things.  We’ll drink tea & watch The Good Wife, turn the lights off and the lamps on, eat eggs, & drink coffee, wear woolly jumpers, cook a dinner, I’ll think about knitting, we’ll read the paper, nap, call our mums, go for a windy walk,  come home & coorie back in, light the candles, wear huge socks & eat all the biscuits.  The day is our super cosy oyster.
So I’m using my wee peachy hour to get some work done, up early (or is it early?), cosy & organised.  With still a full day ahead – really, it’s like a wee jammy gift.  However you’re using your peachy hour, enjoy x


(yellow yeah! print found on pinterest from etsy)


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