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October whats & whys.

I can’t believe October. October was.. well October WAS. It WAS. It’s been. It’s gone. The halloween.  The kiddos holidays.  The big October weddings.  The husbands birthday. Hence the balloon.  And the writing on the balloon. It’s talking to you.  Seriously, don’t stop. Don’t stop now.  IT”S ALMOST THE FESTIVE SEASON.

Here was how the majority of my October was spent:

eating | sausages. with lentils. with mash. on rolls. as hot dogs. all the sausages.

drinking | too much tea. & whisky liqeur…

listening | to first aid kit. on repeat.

reading | oh comely magazine. and never for long enough.

wearing | boots.

learning | new blog skills. (yet to be put into practise, OBVS.)

cooking | cake. baking.

wanting | to want to save money

trying | to keep the husbands birthday present a secret. & to teach hank not to cry about cats.

watching | the good wife. at every given opportunity.

remembering | to water the plants.

practising | leaving some things unmoaned-about.

working | on a new project. another one.


And on to November we go.

-claire x

balloon found on DesignLoveFest|Bri Emerys pinterest board | where many nice things are found.


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